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About Cosro Shop


A Bridge Between Suppliers And Customers

Charlie, founder & CEO of Cosro Shop, has been serving many top accessories brands . In his years working in the accessories industry, he found out that most of these brands have their products produced in China, and a few others in Japan and South Korea. These products are sold at the prices ten times and even one hundred times higher than their factory prices due to the markup from stores. Charlie does not agree with this, and want let Asian use high quality products in best price.

As a result, he created Cosro Shop website in 2002accessories products store solely sells on internet in India and worldwide, and convinced and work with these factories and brands to sell their products through Cosro Shop - bringing same quality and products to our customers at lower cost. 

The products available on Cosro Shop are produced by top brands' supplier factories. They have the same quality as top-notch accessories, but their prices are just one tenth of these accessories. We have a strict supplier-evaluation process to ensure that they are the suppliers to top-notch accessories brands. We have selected a few hundred products from out trusted suppliers. We will continue to provide the most cost-effective cosmetics to our customers.

Quality Assurance

Cosro Shop allows customers to return products. If you are not satisfied with our products, you can request a refund at any time. That's why Cosro Shop has become one of the top online beauty shops lately - it is hassle-free online shopping and customer satisfying experience.  

Low-price Guarantee

At Cosro, our team works every hard to achieve our core value - providing same quality of cosmetic products at lower cost - If you find the same products with lower prices at other platforms, we will give back the differences. We are proud and confident on our site and will continue to improve.